Grind Mode Cypher #2x2Fest vol 14

Navigation: Jack Burton

Grind Mode cypher has an impressive resume and tour schedule traveling the country doing dope cypher with established and upcoming artists. They have been loyal to shooting some of those cyphers over the years at 2×2 Festival and we are super excited about Grind Mode Cypher #2x2Fest vol 14! Produced by Vherbal ( also part of Anno Domini Nation) and featuring the not only Prhymal Rage’s own, Jack Burton, but the following artists…
U-nik Stylez | Reading, Pa |
Mischief | Elizabethtown, PA |
Jack Burton | Cleveland, OH |
Jacy Howes | Cape Cod, MA |
CapCizza | Allentown, PA |
produced by: Vherbal of Fat Sound Records | Toledo, OH |

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