San Goodee – Hit Different (Official Video)

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The official video to newest 2023 summer single from San Goodee titled HIT DIFFERENT, brings the listener into a beautiful day in the life of San. The lush backdrop provided by the producer Sluggworth provides the perfect sonic canvas needed for the seasoned emcee to lyrically paint an entire picture, one where you can look & hear the masterpiece unfolding right through the speakers. Goodee’s ability to tap in to the listeners senses while bringing a warm nostalgic vibe. is very outlier in todays current Hip Hop market. With all the overly aggressive tones & sexual pandering running rampant, this is probably a bit left of center. Sharing a positive message of celebration & appreciation for a simple good day is very much a throwback… And that’s why it “HIT DIFFERENT”!!!! ENJOY PRODUCED BY SLUGGWORTH AND ADDITIONAL VOCALS BY EVE MENCKE.

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