Proph the Problem & DJ G-Spot – Midwest FRESSSHHH mixtape

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Proph follows his debut album with a mixtape hosted by the one and only DJ G-Spot!  This is for sure to earn his name on the map!

Proph the Problem – Midwet FRESSSHHH mixtape
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Release Date:
DJ G-Spot, Zup, Lay-Z P, D. Roof, The Kickdrums, B Bishop, Johnny Mixxxx (Incomplete List)
DJ G-Spot, Klassik, Slick Watts, Lady Cha-Cha, MR 44, Smoke Screen, Drastic, Soul Kryziz, Paulie Rhyme, Colin Munroe, Young Chris, Wale, Bun B, A-One Authentic, King Dom, Navy Blu, D. Roof, GTC, Da Kreek, Reese, B Wills, Cuntry
Track Listing:01. G Spot Speaks
02. Lemme Say Something Right Quick
03. Midwest Fressshhh (Produced By: Zup)
04. Forever Improving
05. On To The Next One
06. They Say feat. Klassik & Slick Watts (Produced By: Zup)
07. Best SHE Ever Had feat. Lady Cha-Cha
08. 100 Bars (Produced By: Lay-Z P)
09. Cleveland Girls
10. Cold Chillin feat. MR 44
11. Feeling It feat. Smoke Screen
12. Hurt Me (Produced By: D. Roof)
13. G-Spot Midtro
14. Warriors Theme (Produced By: The Kickdrums)
15. We Go Hard (Pause) feat. Drastic & Soul Kryziz
16. Ski Mask (Produced By: B Bishop)
17. Different Clothe feat. Paulie Rhyme & Drastic
18. I Want Those 2 feat. Colin Munroe
19. Searching For An Outlet feat. Young Chris, Wale & Bun B
20. Love/Hate (Produced By: DJ G-Spot)
21. No Doubt About It (GGGB Intro)
22. Good Girls Gone BAD (Produced By: Johnny Mixxxx)
23. Do It Anyway
24. How Can I Live feat. A-One Authentic & King Dom
25. You + Me feat. D. Roof, Navy Blu, MR 44, Soul Kryziz (Produced By: D. Roof)
26. O State Of Mind feat. GTC, Da Kreek, Reese, B Wills & Cuntry
27. G-Spot Outro
28. *Proph’s Bowtie
29. The Shoutro