2 Fangz & Boom Bapula – Death After Death

As Halloween approaches a lot of artists explore more experimental styles and niche themed albums and this one is the first of it’s kind! 2 Fangz and Boom Bapula is a duo and side project from Inkiscape (look them up! www.inkiscape.com) with a rich backstory and content to draw from, as two Vampires embarking on a journey of raps. They set the tone with a “Started From The Bottom” parody song “Started From The Coffin” and explore the minds of 2 vampires, 1 old and 1 newly turned for some witty Hip-Hop flavor. The track titles alone (Started From The Coffin, Don’t Protect Your Neck, Castlevania, Blood In Blood In and Monster Smash) are creative enough to give this album a spin!