Doc Remedy – Orphan Moon (Recomposed Game Soundtrack)

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Doc Remedy expands into new territory with the release of an NES ROMhack of the original Metroid game. The game features all new graphics, sprites, levels, enemies and game mechanics like save states (no more passwords) and ability to combine the wave beam and ice beam and all new music in the game itself for each stage!  That music was then recomposed with instruments, keyboards, synths, guitar & more and is available now!

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Get the ROM Here as an IPS patch:
(If you don’t know how to use an IPS patch, you can look it up in your search engine)
Links to the game, map & IPS patch:
Game Map PNG:
Lunar IPS (Patcher):
Orphan Moon IPs Link 1:
Orphan Moon IPS Link 2:


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