Arrogant – The Working Class Rapper

Arrogant has been deeply rooted in the local Cleveland music scene for quite some time! He has witnessed many waves and eras, yet this time around he is spearheading his own. The Working Class rapper is exactly that, a new tone for the artistic growth of a rapper, hard worker, father, family man and the balance between them. The production is A1 with beats laid by Burner (Phatburner of Prhymal Rage), K.Warren, J. Bryce, Mon-e, Kenny Bell and a load of great features by D. Hawk As Cousin Hate, Kit Warren, The Microphone Diva, Prhymal Rage’s own Vigatron, Eriq Troi, DJ Chicago, Ls Royal, Speed, Smoove, Sam Good Bell, Jamille Smith, Dominicque Smith, Tierra Kahli and vocalist Will Blaze. Check it out!

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