Scenic Route – Navigation System

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Navigation System is the sophomore album by Scenic Route, pressed and packaged as a double disc in limited quantities of 300.  Cover artwork designed by graffiti artist Vibes. Disc 1 contained the new album and disc 2 labeled “Re-Alignment” was composed of remixes to tracks from the debut First Alignment album.

Scenic Route – Navigation System

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DJ Offbeats, Doc Remedy, HellahMentals, Scenic Route
Vigatron, Poetry Feen, Proph the Problem, D. Roof, San Goodee, Pharuq, TUT, Think, P.O.S., Prince Po (of Organized Konfusion) – Disc 2: Big Bang Theory, Zup, Gynxt, Street Chemist, Phatburner, Ryan Houde
Track Listing:

DISC 1: Navigation System

01. Navigation System (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
02. Enter Exodus (Produced By: HellahMentals)
03. Still Here ft. Vigatron (Produced By: HellahMentals)
04. Martial Arts ft. Poetry Feen, Proph the Problem, D. Roof (Produced By: HellahMentals)
05. Through Intersections (Produced By: HellahMentals)
06. Walk With Me ft. Poetry Feen (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
07. Articulate (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
08. Beautiful Days ft. San Goodee (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
09. Beautiful Grey (Produced By: HellahMentals)
10. Perpetual Steps (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
11. Pyramids ft. Pharuq, TUT (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz)
12. Storm’s Calm (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
13. We The People (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
14. Going Mad ft. Think (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz)
15. Boost (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
16. Live Architecture (Produced By: HellahMentals)

Disc 2: Re-Alignment

01. Music is This Man’s Best Friend (Big Bang Theory Remix)
02. Hollow Heads ft Proph the Problem Z-Mix (produced by: Zup)
03. Hollow Heads ft Proph the Problem Wits End Remix (produced by: Gynxt)
04. Like Minded Emcees ft Street Chemist – Street Chemix (produced by Street Chemist)
05. Like Minded Emcees ft Street Chemist Rappers Relight Remix (produced by Phatburner)
06. Like Minded Emcees ft Street Chemist Organic Blend Mix (produced by Gynxt)
07. Come Home ft MC Presto Nostalgic Memories Mix (produced by Ryan Houde)