Prhymal Rage – 2010 Artist Roster CD

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Prhymal Rage has decided to put out a compilation collection consisting of 2 tracks by each member or group currently active in the roster.  There is not real playlist order but check it out!

Prhymal Rage – 2010 Artist Roster CD

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Direct Download .zip (114mb)

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Album includes the following artists and songs

Big Bang Theory – March Forth
Big Bang Theory – Tree Ave
Pres – Petty Rhymes ft DJ Bilingual
Pres – Still Got Love
Raystar – Back Packers Don’t Bounce
Raystar – How You Feeling Today
Scenic Route – Cosmetic Rap
Scenic Route – This Music
D-Roof – The Media
D-Roof – Plastic Island
Proph the Problem – It’s A Go
Proph the Problem – Dojo Flow
Big O – Fear 4 None
Big O – GrownManBiz
Poetry Feen – After Party
Poetry Feen – Press Pause
Mr. 44 – Hip Hop Raised Me
Mr. 44 – Letter To The Lord ft Tiana Marie
Smoke Screen – Melodies Of A Silhouette
Vigatron – God King
Vigatron – Rockin’ Wit Da Illest pt 2 ft !lla Log!k
Doc Remedy – If Rap Ain’t Happening
Doc Remedy – Rediculus (produced by Rediculus) ft Proph the Problem & DJ Offbeatz