Induced Reality – Delinquent Minds

Induced Reality was present from the very beginning of Prhymal Rage and has always remained behind the scenes since.  This was his debut album released when the crew was still going by the name 1 Mind Productions and a limited run of 300 were pressed up, entirely produced by Doc Remedy.

Induced Reality – Delinquent Minds
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Release Date:
Doc Remedy (All Tracks)
Proph the Problem, Doc Remedy, Poetry Feen, TuT, Justinsane, HellahMentals
Track Listing:01. Intro
02. Twice As Destructive ft Proph the Problem
03. Got The Answer ft Doc Remedy
04. Dangerous People
05. The Uprising
06. Strange Days ft Doc Remedy, Poetry Feen & TuT
07. Cockroach Approach ft Doc Remedy
08. Rant
09. Civil Disobedience ft Doc Remedy
10. Voicemail
11. Dearly Departed ft Justinsane
12. Unstoppable
13. Breakthrough ft HellahMentals
14. Outro