Smoke Screen – Punch Drunk Melodies vol 2

The second mixtape from Smoke Screen sponsored by Kings Ransom Clothing. Made up of 11 tracks. With production from Chemist, DJ Premier, Rembrandt (of Poetic Republic), Timbaland, J Dilla and the Neptunes. Contains the singles “Electric Nightlife”, “B.Y.S. 2009” and “Feelin’ It (Featuring Proph The Problem)”

Smoke Screen – Punch Drunk Melodies vol 2
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Release Date:04/24/09
Producers:Chemist, DJ Premier, Rembrandt, Timbaland, J Dilla, Neptunes
Features:Proph the Problem
Track Listing:01. Electric Nightlife
02. B.Y.S. ’09
03. It’s like that
04. Checkmait (Dilla Blend)
05. Feelin’ It ft Proph the Problem
06. Midnight Coast
07. GoodByeHello
08. Energy
09. Go Now (Dilla Blend)
10. Two and Only
11. Driftin’ on a Memory