D-Roof – Ens Legis

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Ens Legis is another themed album by creative mastermind D-Roof.  This time we paints a soundscape around corporations, bankers and the legal system designed to keep them empowered.

D-Roof – Ens Legis
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Release Date:
D Roof, Garbs Infinite
Nyla Felder, Charlie Hor$e, K-Life, Underground Kween, Ray Lee, MR 44, Proph the Problem, Navy Blu, Soul Kryziz, Ms. Blackmon
Track Listing:01. Why Not Rebel (Produced By: D Roof)
02. Heroes And Villains (Produced By: D Roof)
03. Too Clever (Produced By: D Roof)
04. Consumed (Produced By: D Roof)
05. Meet The Bankers ft. Chalie Hor$e (Produced By: D Roof)
06. Words From Wall Street (SKIT) (Produced By: “Ens Legis Greed”)
07. Every 70 Years (Produced By: Garbs Infinite)
08. Death Of The Dollar (Produced By: D Roof)
09. Problems And Solutions ft. K-Life (Produced By: D Roof)
10. Searching ft. Underground Kween, Ray Lee (Produced By: D Roof)
11. You+Me ft. Mr. 44, Proph the Problem, Navy Blu, Soul Kryziz (Produced By: D Roof)
12. Can You Feel It ft. Ms. Blackmon (Produced By: D Roof)
13. The People Clap (Produced By: Garbs Infinite)
14. There’s Hope (Produced By: Garbs Infinite)