Scenic Route – First Alignment

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The debut album by Scenic Route’s original members DJ Offbeatz, Doc Remedy and HellahMentals entirely self produced by the group as well.

Scenic Route – First Alignment
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DJ Offbeats, Doc Remedy, HellahMentals, Scenic Route
Proph the Problem, The Ref, Street Chemist (of Smoke Screen), Mooke (of Smoke Screen), MR. 44, Mc Presto, Rob Swift, Double K (of People Under The Stairs)
Track Listing:01. Intro (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz, Doc Remedy)
02. Thoughts Astray (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
03. Hollow Heads ft. Proph The Problem (Produced By: HellahMentals)
04. Playing With Shadows (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
05. Music Is This Man’s Best Friend ft. The Ref (Produced By: HellahMentals)
06. Like Minded Emcees ft. Street Chemist (of Smoke Screen) (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
07. HowWeDo How We Do (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
08. Hidden Treasure (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz, HellahMentals)
09. Seat Check ft. Mooke (of Smoke Screen) (Produced By: HellahMentals)
10. Adding Substance ft. MR. 44 (Hollow Heads Remix) (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
11. Time Takes Sides (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz)
12. Ashes To Ashes (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
13. Rest Stop (Produced By: HellahMentals)
14. Come Home ft. MC Presto (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz)
15. Asiah Raidah (Produced By: HellahMentals)