Simon Sed & Kubes – ASTRONATURE

Simon Sed is a first-generation Jewish American emcee from Indianapolis, IN and park of Hip-Hop collective Inkiscape. As a Ph.D in psychology and dedicated emcee, Simon brings a unique perspective to the mic. His attention to detail is apparent from his intricate rhyme patterns, abstract concepts and introspective content. His new album ASTRONATURE – Presented by Inkiscape is a montage of his fore-mentioned styles blended over melodic, gritty lo-fi beats and unique soundscapes only Kubes can provide. Every artist featured is a close friend or associate and showcased on this album are the likes of Justjoey, Skittz, Big Ole Lil Young Blaise, MOECYRUS, Dhan Dee and Uncle Tairy. Artwork and audio engineering credited to John Dvorchak.  Album produced entirely by TN native Kubes (Jacob K. Smith)

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