Carnage the Executioner – 4 FREE Albums

If you’ve never heard of Carnage the Executioner you’re missing out on knowing one of the ELITE TIER live performers in the scene.  Based out of Minneapolis, Carnage is a beatboxer (Layers and builds his beats live on stage before rapping on them with Loop Stations and Effects Pedals) and emcee / producer.  His acclaim is highly respected in the Rhymesayers Ent. fan base as he and Eyedea have collaborations and he was even considered Eyedea’s favorite rapper.  How’s that for a quick impressive bio?  Well you can go to his site and download 4 of his albums free!  Just enter your e-mail and name and you’ll find gems featuring artists like Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Unknown Prophets, Eyedea, DJ X-Caliber and more!