D1 & Wise – Chasing Karma

D1 is more than just another Hip-Hop artist, he does it all including sound engineering and you just may have heard some of his work!  This post however is about him as an artist!  Years ago when he was staying in New York he was working the producer Elite (J.Cole) and through that Wise (an Emcee and graphic designer from Columbus Ohio) reached out to him and they bounced ideas back and forth for close to 6 years before perfecting this project and listening to it you can tell a lot of work, nit-picking and perfection went into each track!  The soundscapes are incredible and each song paints it’s own picture.  The album is about faith (or lack thereof), drug/alcohol abuse, love, heartbreak, and redemption as some of the best records have always been right?  Turn off what you think you know about Hip-Hop and let this soulful, music euphoria suck you and digest every word and note!  It’s like a blend of Twenty One pilots, Rock-Pop and Hip-Hop and the blend is done WELL! It features a guest feature by another Ohio legend, Copywrite himself as well as Voli and vocalist Kayla Tyrer.  You can go to his website directly and listen or buy the album on your favorite platform!