YP – A Cleveland Story: Heart of the City

We’ve featured a few YP songs over the year that have been produced by Big O.  Now his mixtape has arrived and it features productions from many others like Vybe, Track Bangas, Chemist, BigHeadDez, Anno Domini Beats and even himself YP! (with a bonus track produced by Johnny Juliano)  YP delivers a solid album with VERY minimal features. Flyy and Big O appear on the track I’m Just Sayin and there is a feature on a bonus track What U Know Bout ft. Young Mix.  Go check out this dope album and remember to check back with us periodically to follow up on his craft!



Check out the Track List below:

A Cleveland Story: Heart of The City

1. A Cleveland Story (Prod. by Vybe)
2. Life I Lead (Prod. by YP)
3. Soufside (Prod.by YP)
4. I’m Just Sayin ft. Flyy and Big O (Prod.by Track Bangas)
5. Where The Playas Go (Prod.by Big O)
6. Follow Me (Prod.by Big O)
7. Emotion & Pain (Prod.by Big O)
8. Coolin (Prod.by Chemist)
9. The Lover’s Feel (Prod.by BigHeadDez)
10.Run To (Prod.by Track Bangas)
11.Hold Me Down (Prod.by YP)
12.Ready Set Go (Prod.by YP)
13.Refelections I & II (Prod.by Big O and Anno Domini Beats)
14.Obituaries (Prod.by Track Bangas)
15.Flashbacks (Prod.by Big O)
16.Last Hurrah (Prod.by Track Bangas)

Bonus Tracks

What U Know Bout ft. Young Mix (Prod.by Track Bangas)
Facades (Prod.by Johnny Juliano)