Aims – Welkome Bak

Aims is a San Diego MC/producer who has done previous work with many independent artists such as Godilla, Planet Asia, Reef The Lost Cauze, Snowgoons and many more. This is a new single off his upcoming project entitled “Welkome Bak” Produced by Aims as well.


To check out more from Aims, Check out his debut effort “Damnation” by CLICKING HERE. The album features artists like Planetary, N.B.S., Banish, Planet Asia, Krondon, Ras Kass, Copywrite, Reef Da Lost Cauze, Doap Nixon and a load of solid production credits as well such as DJ Rybe, Many Beats, Stu Bangas, Vanderslice, J Million, Aims and even the Snowgoons!