Big O – 6 albums back in the archives!

Very few artists work as hard and put out as much music as Big O, flat out!  Whether making his own songs, beats, lyrics, recording, mixing etc etc or producing for others, he is in constant work mode!  We are excited to finally have some of that back catalog back up on our servers!  Check out these 6 Albums and what they all have to offer in their unique ways!

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Big O – Hunger, Success, Downfall
Download .zip (59.8mb)
Release Date:
Big O
Track Listing:01. Hunger Success Downfall (produced by Big O)
02. Top Dog With The Rap Lines (produced by Big O)
03. Vocal Streetsweeper (produced by Big O)
04. The Black Out (produced by Big O)
05. Administer (produced by Big O)
06. So Godly (produced by Big O)
07. Perfection (produced by Big O)
08. It’s Automatic (produced by Big O)
09. My Escape (produced by Big O)
Big O – The Delegation II
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Release Date:
Big O
Track Listing:01. Let’s Delegate Intro (produced by Big O)
02. It’s Over (produced by Big O)
03. Drive and Determination (produced by Big O)
04. Next Up (produced by Big O)
05. The One (produced by Big O)
06. You Can’t Stop (produced by Big O)
07. Can’t Get Enough Of It (produced by Big O)
08. Where The Love At (produced by Big O)
09. We Can Make It (produced by Big O)
10. None Can Touch Me (produced by Big O)
Big O & 4th Assassin – Gravel Engravement
Download .zip (150.1mb)
Release Date:
4th Assassin
Robbie P, Doc Remedy, Godilla, Pryme Prolifik, Absoulut Karnage,
Adlib, DJ Madhandz, Drastic, Vigatron, Razor Blade
      Big O - Concrete Blues

      Big O - Warriors Way ft Godilla & Pryme Prolifik
Track Listing:01. Gravel Engravement Intro (produced by 4th Assassin)
02. Part of the Learning (produced by 4th Assassin)
03. Raw, Rugged-n-Ruff (produced by 4th Assassin)
04. Coming For The Taking (produced by 4th Assassin)
05. Welcome to The Underground (produced by 4th Assassin)
06. When I’m Engraving (produced by 4th Assassin)
07. Claim My Piece (produced by 4th Assassin)
08. Concrete Blues (produced by 4th Assassin)
09. Live & Breathe ft Robbie P (produced by 4th Assassin)
10. Poison VS The Remedy ft Doc Remedy (produced by 4th Assassin)
11. Let The Horns Play (produced by 4th Assassin)
12. Warriors Way ft Godilla & Pryme Prolifik (produced by 4th Assassin)
13. My Time (produced by 4th Assassin)
14. Cypher Complete (produced by 4th Assassin)
15. Tall Tales ft Absoulut Karnage & Adlib (produced by 4th Assassin)
16. Padlocked ft DJ Madhandz (produced by 4th Assassin)
17. Mic Check C-L-E ft Drastic, Vigatron & Razor Blade (produced by 4th Assassin)
18. Gutter Rap Specialist ft DJ Madhandz (produced by 4th Assassin)
19. Not Depending on None
Big O – The Delegation LP
Download .zip (79.9mb)
Release Date:
Big O, YP, Skeptical, Sound Teckz
      Big O - Love Ain't The Same

      Big O - Make Music 4
Track Listing:01. Grand Entrance (Produced By: YP)
02. Signal Your Team (Produced By: Sound Teckz)
03. I Rep Myself (Produced By: Big O)
04. Anything Goes (Produced By: Sound Teckz)
05. Love Ain’t the Same (Produced By: Big O)
06. Class By Myself (Produced By: Skeptical)
07. Let’s Go (Produced By: Sound Teckz)
08. Make Music 4 (Produced By: Big O)
09. No Compassion (Produced By: Big O)
10. On My Mind (Produced By: Big O)
11. Gotta Keep At It (Produced By: Big O)
12. 24-7-365 ft Vigatron999 (Produced By: Big O)
Big O – The Sureshot EP
Download .zip (33.4mb)
Release Date:
Big O, ErocHeadz
Razor Blade, Snipez
      Big O - Respect What We Do ft Razor Blade
Track Listing:01. Clog Up The Game (Produced By: Big O)
02. Can’t Live (Produced By: ErocHeadz)
03. Respect What We Do ft Razor Blade (Produced By: Big O)
04. R A W (Produced By: Big O)
05. TakeOver N Conquer ft Snipez (Produced By: Big O)
06. Out For Mines (Produced By: Big O)
Big O – Execution Seazon
Download .zip (49.8mb)
Release Date:
Big O, K Scott, Zup, Sound Teckz
Syx Slim, Drastic
      Big O - Top Shelf

      Big O - Fear 4 None
Track Listing:01. Execution Seazon Intro (Produced By: Big O)
02. The Dosage (Produced By: Big O)
03. 32 Bars (Produced By: K Scott)
04. What I Gotta Say (Produced By: Big O)
05. Top Shelf (Produced By: Zup)
06. Get It In (Produced By: K Scott)
07. I’m Out (Produced By: Big O)
08. Fear 4 None (Produced By: Sound Teckz)
09. Brutal Force (Produced By: Big O)
10. Grownmanbiz (Produced By: Big O)
11. My Exhibit (Produced By: Big O)
12. Do You Hear ft Syx Slim & Drastic (Produced By: Big O)
13. From The Bottom w/ Bonuses (Produced By: Big O)