Thrust OG x BoFaat – Like It’s 1994

Canadian legend Thrust OG and German beat smith got together with a bunch of dope MC’s and created this album called “Like its 1994” as an ode to the golden era!  The sound hits and checks all the required boxes.  Boom Bap production, lyrical emcees, heavy collaborations and a great listen.  Featuring artists like Taiyamo Denku, Tough Dumplin, Dystrakted, Kenneth Masters, Chief Reckah, Pauly Gram$, Ravenous, King Harv, Doc Remedy, Mlny, Mickey Bourbon, M.A.L.T.E, Pestilence, Mr Ripley, Stu Writes, Eclyse, Astro Jones, Karnage Cashman, Malcolm DeWayne, GUNNZ, Marz One, Pyro Da Hot, RamBunxious, Murdoc Faceless, Lyriz, Sha-Elemental, Urban Legend, Elementree, Die-Rek, Juxx Diamondz & Elad Authority.

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