Vigatron – 3 albums back in the archives!

Vigatron is known for his stage shows, theatric displays and his raw, brutal, lyrical content.  He was the first artist to bridge the gap between Prhymal Rage and the local crew that came long before them, Nappyhead Inc.  Both establishing themselves in Cleveland, and both sharing Vigatron on their rosters we thought it was about time we bring you that back catalog of music!

PR_site_icons_mediaArchived Music:

Vigatron – Behemoth
Download at the Vigatron Bandcamp site
Release Date:
Shawn Charles, MFKNRMX, Task 01, Big O, Bitter Music
R.Y.A.N., M-Double-A-L, Lo Sifu, The Big Piece
      Vigatron - Bully
Track Listing:01. BEHEMOTH Intro (produced by Shawn Charles)
02. Ezekiel (produced by MFKNRMX)
03. Life Is… ft R.Y.A.N. (produced by Shawn Charles)
04. C’est la Vig (Angela’s Song) (produced by Task 01)
05. Suck Me Beautiful ft M-Double-A-L (Task 01)
06. Bully (Produced by Big O)
07. Three O’Clock High ft Lo Sifu & The Big Piece
(produced by Task 01)
08. F.Y.M. (produced by Bitter Music)
09. Mastadon (produced by MFKNRMX)


Vigatron – Pleasure (redux)
Download .zip (88.6mb)
Release Date:
Bitter Music, MFKNRMX, Task 01, Phatburner,
TuT, Erica Nicole, Ant Jones, Illa Log!k, The Big Piece, San Goodee,
Lo SiFu
      Vigatron - Operation S.A.M. ft TuT Almighty
      Vigatron - Salt

      Rockin' Wit Tha Illest part 2 ft Illa Log!k


Vigatron – Operation S.A.M. ft TuT Almighty VIDEO
[embedyt][/embedyt]Vigatron – Rockin’ Wit Tha Illest part 2 ft Illa Log!k VIDEO

Track Listing:01. Pleasure feat. Erica Nicole (produced by Task 01)
02. Dead Personnnn (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
03. Operation: S.A.M. feat. TuT Almighty (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
04. Salt (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
05. Dirty Bomb (produced by Task 01)
06. Narcissist (produced by Phatburner)
07. The Nuttiness feat. Ant Jones (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
08. Rockin’ wit tha Illest pt.2 feat. Illa Log!k
(produced by Bitter Music)
09. The Monsters of Rock Tour feat. The Big Piece
(Produced By: MFKNRMX)
10. 16-80 (m.d.k.h.) (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
11. She feat. San Goodee & Lo Sifu (Produced By: MFKNRMX)


Vigatron – Tactical Bastard
Download .zip (53mb)
Release Date:
MFKNRMX, Big O, Sound Teckz, DJ Big Problemz
The Big Piece
      Vigatron - Abomination
Track Listing:01. Tactical Bastard (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
02. Abomination (Produced By Big O)
03. Two One Six (Produced By Sound Teckz)
04. Big H8te (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
05. Hoelier Than Thou (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
06. We Hate All Toyz ft The Big Piece (Produced By Big O)
07. Infidelity Me (Produced By: MFKNRMX)
08. Fragile (Produced By: DJ Big Problemz)