Smoke Screen – Imagination Beyond Illustration Re-Imagined

A Remixed Version of the Imagination Beyond Illustration Album.

Smoke Screen – Imagination Beyond Illustration: Re-Imagined
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Release Date:07/24/11
Producers:DIGIRATTII, Twizz (of Keyel), A/V (of E.M.S.), Ghost Noises, Phenom, Rio the Mechanic, Pease (of Keyel), Eso (of Keyel), Urbindex, Broken Keys
Features:Fam Famous, Ahp Qwes
Track Listing:01. Super x Mega x Sonic [DIGIRAATII Edit]
02. Rookie Card [Twizzo Mix]
03. I’m With Whatever [A/V Mix] [Feat. Fam Famous] 04. Fuse Your Imagination [Ghost Noises Future Remix] 05. International [Pheemix] [Feat. J.Star] 06. Melodies Of A Silhouette [The Mechanic’s Beautiful Daytime Mix]
07. Coulda Been [Feat. Ahp Qwes] [Peasemix] 08. Front To Back [Feat. KEYEL] [ESO. Remix] 09. Blacklights & Flashlights [Urbindex Remix] 10. Aquarius Vs. Capricorn [BROKEN KEYMIX]