Prhymal Rage – Summer 2018 Sampler ON THE WAY!

What a summer!  We have a lot of new things and expanding on the horizon so we invite you to check out our Summer 2018 Sampler that provides a taste of each artist we are pushing so far this summer!

You can download it FREE HERE

Prhymal Rage – Summer 2018 Sampler

As far as the future it’s easier to provide it as a PowerPoint type list!

  1. Jack Burton was added to the roster and his mixtape is out now while he gears up the promo campaign for his full length album
  2. We are proud to announce a new artist to the crew, A-Lo dropping his first ever single.
  3. San Goodee and Phatburner have always been behind the scenes with us from Nappyhead Inc and we are excited to announce they are officially rocking with Prhymal Rage as well!
  4. We have always encompassed the “hip-hop purist” sounds and while we will always continue to do so, we will be expanding the team into also including slightly darker hip hop content and are testing those waters with our long time friend Snipez as the first artist in Prhymal Rage with that harder edge!
  5. If you read this far and have not downloaded the album, go get that and share it with your friends!