Nino Graye – This Side Up

The debut album bu Nino Graye, only a limited pressing of these were made and it was later re-released with a slightly different track list (Nino Graye – This Side Up *re-release) in 2012.

Enjoy the stream of some of these lost tracks!

Release Date:05/02/10
Producers:Salty Dog, Vherbal, Loonybin G
Features:Kalyz Manson, Taylorma
Track Listing:01. Intro
02. Life Behind Bars
03. For the Fans
04. Que – Pids Backup
05. The Craft
06. GR8 Beyond
07. Abyss The train, The Pearlies
08. Torcha
09. Interlude
10. Dirty Pictures
11. The Art of Yo ft Kalyz Manson
12. Flash ft Taylorman
13. Statistically Speaking
14. Thorns
15. All Praises
16. Voicesay Mello
17. Outta Here