Scenic Route – SOLD OUT

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The 3rd album by Scenic Route, released about a year after the first album.  This album contains original tracks as well as mashups and remixes they did of other artists as well.

Scenic Route – SOLD OUT

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Release Date:
DJ Offbeats, Doc Remedy, HellahMentals, Scenic Route
Cubbiebear, The Ref (of Big Bang Theory), Street Chemist & Mooke (of Smoke Screen), Noxtradamas, Miss A, MC PresTo, D. Roof
Track Listing:01. SOLD OUT Trailer (Produced By: HellahMentals)
02. Mobile Terrain ft. Street Chemist (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
03. Clone Wars [Cubbiebear + DJ Offbeatz] (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
04. Many Cats (Produced By: HellahMentals)
05. SKIT – Remedy’s Hair Removal
06. A Trip Down Tree Avenue [The Ref + Street Chemist] (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
07. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz)
08. Separate Yourself (Produced By: HellahMentals)
09. Sell Out In Retrospect (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz)
10. Alone [Noxtradamas + Miss A] (Produced By: Doc Remedy)
11. Joy Riders [Smoke Screen + MC PresTo] (Produced By: HellahMentals)
12. SKIT – Hellah Schools Offbeatz
13. An Even Exchange [D. Roof + DJ Offbeatz] (Produced By: DJ Offbeatz)
14. A Man I Once Knew [Doc Remedy + D. Roof] (Produced By: Doc Remedy & HellahMentals))
15. I Sold Out Myself (For You) (Produced By: HellahMentals)
15. SKIT – Sponsors Gone Wrong