Ill Society – volume 1: UNITY

Ill Society is a compilation album put out through Prhymal Rage.  Spearheaded by Pres (formerly MC Presto) it showcased the artists within his network and exclusive tracks by some of the super producers he works with.  If you rock with various aspects of Hip-Hop, this album is for you!

Ill Society – volume 1: UNITY
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Release Date:
Nox, Kentron, Mikey Mike, Kase Munny, Jose Guillotine, DJ Bilingual, Faust, Vision, Equalibrum, Deacon, Reeplay
Braille (of Lightheaded), Mr. J Medeiros, Manchild, Big Pooh (of Little Brother), Wale, Sha Stimuli, Gumshoe (of The Proov), Keynote Speakerz, Kase Munny, Chris Young, Aria Silenced, Lyricks, J Dub
Track Listing:01. Dwarf Planet Takeover (Produced By: Nox)
02. Calculated Risk Remix – Braille, Mr J Medeiros, Manchild (Produced By: Kentron)
03. The Strongest Man Remix – Big Pooh (of Little Brother) (Produced By: Kentron)
04. Swine Flu – J Dub & Mc Presto (Produced By: Kentron)
05. Warwick Ave – Wale (Produced By: Mikey Mike)
06. California Soul – Kase Munny (Produced By: Kase Munny)
07. Like That Yall (Produced By: Jose Guillotine)
08. Petty Rhymes – MC Presto ft DJ Bilingual (Produced By: DJ Bilingual)
09. Dead Man Freestyle – Chris Young (Produced By: Faust)
10. Back Of The Bus – Sha Stimuli (Produced By: Mikey Mike)
11. Comin My Way – Gumshoe (of The Proov) (Produced By: Nox)
12. Black And Gold – Chris Young (Produced By: Vision)
13. Summer 4 Autumn – Keynote Speakerz (Produced By: Nox)
14. Scratches Are Scratches – Aria Silenced (Produced By: Equalibrum)
15. Drop This – Lyricks (Produced By: Deacon)
16. Powdered Motion II – MC Presto (Produced By: Reeplay)
17. Never Get Enough – Kase Munny (Produced By: Kase Munny)