D-Roof – Age of the Hipster

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The most light hearted album to date by D-Roof. Age of the Hipster invites many aspects of Hip-Hop through an extremely well produced ride through well, you got it, the Age of the Hipster through the eyes of D-Roof himself!

D-Roof – Age of the Hipster
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Release Date:
D. Roof
Eris.Zion.Venia, Soul Kryziz, Charlie Hor$e, Jus Mic
Track Listing:01. ___ster Rule Of Thumb (Produced By: D. Roof)
02. Fresh Malcom X (Produced By: D. Roof)
03. Rebirth Of The Hip (Produced By: D. Roof)
04. The Freshness ft. Soul Kryziz (Produced By: D. Roof)
05. 1-800-TGT-PNTS Skit 1
06. What We Need
07. Peace Or Piece ft. Charlie Hor$e (Produced By: D. Roof)
08. Counter Clockwise (Produced By: D. Roof)
09. 1-800-TGT-PNTS SKit 2 (Produced By: D. Roof)
10. Keep Dreaming ft. Jus Mic (Produced By: D. Roof)
11. De-Evolution (Produced By: D. Roof)
12. Class Of 04 (Produced By: D. Roof)
13. BONUS TRACK – Do The Math (Produced By: D. Roof)
14. BONUS TRACK – Civil Savages (Produced By: D. Roof)