Win FREE $$ to SHARE our music!

Happy new year! 2019 is already shaping up to be a busy year of new releases from the team! As the content title states, you can win FREE $$ and prizes JUST FOR SHARING our music on your social media platforms!

The Prizes:

$40 Gift Card, a custom size Prhymal Rage shirt (Check it out here), extra bonus goodies the team wants to throw into the box before being shipped!

You can either watch the video below or skip all that and just read the instructions Listed below the video!

How to enter into the raffle:

Go to either the OUR ROSTER section or the OFFICIAL RELEASES section and locate your favorite release(s) and share them to your social media pages with the hashtag #PrhymalRage (this step is crucial). Every night we will follow the hashtags and for EACH ENTRY we see (yes you can enter multiple times) we will add your name into a bucket. December 31st we will draw the winner! Thank you for your continued support!