Doc Remedy – Tree of Evil EP

The 3rd installment in the 6 Albums 1 year goal of 2015. Originally titled Sagacity, the album was recorded over a span of 8 years and broken up into 2 smaller ep’s; Freeze EP and now, Tree of Evil EP. Not the usual light-hearted music heard form Doc Remedy, nor is this the battle-esque style but something a bit darker that addresses society and cultural issues as a conscious whole.

Doc Remedy – Tree of Evil EP
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Release Date:05/01/15
Producers:Doc Remedy, Greg David, DJ Bilingual, HellahMentals, Merlin the Mystic
Features:Dunce the Emcee, L.A. Patterson
Track Listing:01.Before I Start (2008)
02.Tree of Evil (2009) produced by Greg David
03.Sagacity (2008) produced by DJ Bilingual
04.Am I Worth It ft Dunce the Emcee (2010) produced by HellahMentals
05. The Mind (2007) ft L.A. Patterson on Saxophone
06. BONUS TRACK Merlin the Mystic – Sweet Precious Tomorrow (1992)