Mike Kijanski – Be You (produced by Doc Remedy)

Fresh off the press (another phrase the digital age has killed) we are proud to present to you something new!  Doc Remedy teamed up with Former Cleveland artist Mike Kijanski (formerly known as MJK) to give you some Hip Hop to kick off those feel good summer vibes!

Entirely Produced by Doc Remedy and mixed & mastered by yet another known Cleveland powerhouse, D-Bunk.

If you want to download that NOW before reading further you can do so without the endless scrolling. You’re welcome!

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Mike Kijanski – Cuba Official Video

The initial team up was a single Mike Kijanski made entitled “Be YOU”. He played it for many friends and record industry personnel (via his line of work) and most gave him the same feedback. This was something good, something new, something that was a breathe of fresh air from what everyone seemed to be making and promoting at the moment. He then hit Doc Remedy back up and asked to turn their collaboration efforts into a short ep of a similar feel.

“I loved working on this project with Doc, he allows the artist to be them self & very few producers hand an artist a record and just let them go to work! My goal on this small project was to have the listener at the end be able to sit back and say wow that was refreshing. hip hop needs more of that.”

And yes, this is the exact feeling you get from this project!

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Twitter: @MikeKijanski