Scratch Attack – PR Vocal Chops

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Scratch Attack – PR Vocal Chops
(126MB .zip) (149MB unzipped)

A super special kit for DJ’s and Producers.  Over 280 Vocal Sample Chops from various Prhymal Rage tracks and releases.  A Hip-Hop collective has never released anything like this based off their own in house catalog and we hope to continue to innovate with our Sound Kits offered in this unique collection!  Similar to records like the world famous DJ Rectangle: Ultimate Battle Weapon series, we are proud to offer you new material to scratch and cut up instead of the same 90’s acapellas reused over and over!  Welcome to Scratch Attack – PR Vocal Chops, by Prhymal Rage.  We would love to hear what you make with this kit, tag us on social media or send us a message on our contact page!

Producer(s) Prhymal Rage
File Size 149MB
File Types .wav 24bit 48kHz
Number of Files 288