Sun God Drums vol 1 (DEMO)


The FULL VERSION can be purchased HERE and includes:

Over 200 Loops & One Shots

51 Drum Loops *For Boom Bap Sessions
(Processed through SSL emulations and Slate Virtual Mix Racks)
39 Bass Loops *That aren’t just 1 note played
(Cleaned with a HPF at 20kHz and bussed through various amps)
19 Crashes *You will actually use
(Smoothed out transients with a soft LPF at 18kHz to reduce harshness)
60 Kicks *That actually KICK
(All with HPF at 20kHz and processed through Slate VMR)
60 Snares *That SLAP, no weak hits
(Equalized for body and depth, processed through Slate VMR)

From Prhymal Rage founders and producers Doc Remedy & HellahMentals (Scenic Route and the Sun Gods) is a sample pack and drum kit with over 200 custom made sounds ALL ROYALTY FREE!

Producer(s) Doc Remedy & HellahMentals (Scenic Route and the Sun Gods)
File Size 93.5MB
File Types .wav 24bit 48khz
Number of Files 63