Dub Sonata – Another Day ft. Revalation, Bobby J from Rockaway & M-Dot

“Another day, another dollar.” Is this mind numbing mantra all we will accept? One day older and wiser, richer in riches or deeper in debt — our individual existences summed up to whatever pile of currency we can hustle up — or not. Soon as one day ends, another begins and the never ending cycle continues.
The outcome? “Another Day,” a relatable song and sentiment that almost everyone in the hamster wheel of life can empathize with. The single features Mass rhyme bully Revalation (of EMS), buzzing Queens artist Bobby J From Rockaway and Boston’s own M-Dot, who’s currently on his 13th European Tour. Each MC takes turns waxing poetic over Dub Sonata’s soulful production which serves as the 2nd single off his upcoming album “Tranquilizer Dart” (Pre-Order Now) on Man Bites Dog Records. Visuals by Victor Keys and Dub Sonata.

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