Supastar Gaby – I have Arrived (prod. InsaneBeatz)

Supastar Gaby a.k.a Gabriel Bathuure is a Ghanaian born musician, singer, and rapper who was born in Accra, the Capital city of Ghana. Supastar Gaby started rapping at the age of 15 and with encouragement from his big brother went into the studio to record his first demo, stating “I started music after my big brother Fabian who was already into music encouraged me and took me into the studio.” Supastar Gaby recently collaborated with a Producer by the name InsaneBeatz for his song I have Arrived.  The beat kicks in right away in a classic Boom Bap head nod fashion, the hooks are a bit long but 1 minute in you can hear him begin his first verse before the hook returns again and cues his second verse. Obviously written and performed to be an anthem, focusing around the hook as its focal point, Superstar Gaby is excited to let the world know of his arrival on “I Have Arrived”.  Besides, Hip-Hop is worldwide and it’s super cool to see someone from Ghana submitting to our platform!

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