Thorts & Prayrz – Wishing Well Wishes EP

Listen to Thorts & Prayrz (AKA Jack Vaul) entertain themselves and each other (and, quite likely, nobody else) over beats by Murma One. An exercise in spontaneity, the two emcees vowed at the beginning of the project not to take things too seriously, though still manage to touch on issues of religion, existentialism, childhood and Tabasco croissants, amongst other things and features additional vocals on the track Paths by Jsut.

“I have a rapper friend called Thorts. Every so often, someone (usually in a comment section) tells him he needs to find another rapper called ‘Prayers’ and form a group called Thorts & Prayers. So, I did what any good friend would do and changed my name (temporarily) to Prayrz, and we recorded an EP together. Thorts & Prayrz. It’s quirky and loveable and fun, I like it.” – Jack Vaul

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