Jack Vaul – StarHeartSkull

Over the years Australia has been rising heavy in a surge of monstrous emcees and Jack Vaul has been carving his path!  Fast paced rhythms and rhyme patterns triggered with witty metaphors, bars and descriptive struggles, it’s easy to find some attention span to digest the music laced over melodic, downtempo, haunting soundscapes akin to that of Psycho Realm, Oldominion, more recent Sweatshop Union and other darker Hip-Hop sounds.  His latest album StarHeartSkull hits all the marks previously mentioned with production by Bastian Bucks, Dansonn Beats, Nonjuror, evilkuff and features from Bastion Bucks as well as Sophia Blackburn and rainforestcloudmachine.  The album is a quick listen, yet JAM PACKED as a roller coasting of emotions, introspection and soul searching to say the very least!

Jack Vaul – StarHeartSkull
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