Split Personality – Brain Damage

Split Personality is a side project of Danny Dope (drummer for Big Bang Theory) alongside his uncle Bino show off their lyrical potential with the aid of Greg David (Bass player for Big Bang Theory) on the production and behind the boards. If you are looking for that feel good college party vibe, look no further!

Split Personality – Brain Damage
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Release Date:
Greg David, Rob The Rockstar, Danny Dope, HellahMentals
Matt Szucs, HellahMentals, Soul Kryziz
Track Listing:01. Fast Lane (Produced By: Greg David)
02. 1 Mo Sip
03. Chief Spot (Produced By: Greg David)
04. Whatever She Wants ft Matt Szucs (Produced By: Greg David)
05. Drake (Produced By: Greg David)
06. Fire (Produced By: Greg David)
07. Ohio ft HellahMentals (Produced By: Greg David)
08. Pretty Mama (Produced By: Rob The Rockstar)
09. Gotta Get Better ft Matt Szucs (Produced By: Greg David)
10. Coola Thana MothaFucka ft Soul Kryziz (Produced By: Greg David)
11. Higher (Produced By: Greg David)
12. Orange N Brown ft Soul Kryziz
13. Life In Motion (Produced By: Greg David)
14. What I’m Bout
15. Liquor Store (Produced By: Danny Dope)
16. Outro (Produced By: HellahMentals)