Proph the Problem – 2 albums back in the archives!

Proph the Problem is easily one of the more charismatic and influential artists in the local Cleveland music scene!  We are super happy happy to finally get the music back up for everyone to listen to!

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Proph the Problem – Midwest Fressshhh mixtape
Download .zip (97.6mb)
Release Date:
DJ G-Spot, Zup, Lay-Z P, D-Roof, The Kickdrums, B Bishop, Johnny Mixxxx (Incomplete List)
DJ G-Spot, Klassik, Slick Watts, Cha-Cha, MR 44, Smoke Screen, Drastic, Soul Kryziz, Paulie Rhyme, Colin Munroe, Young Chris, Wale, Bun B, A-One Authentic, King Dom, Navy Blu, D-Roof, GTC, Da Kreek, Reese, B Wills, Cuntry

Proph the Problem – 100 Bars (produced by Lay-Z P)

Proph the Problem – Feeling It feat. Smoke Screen

Proph the Problem – Hurt Me (produced by D-Roof)

Proph the Problem – Warriors Theme (produced By The Kickdrums)

Proph the Problem – You + Me feat. D-Roof, Navy Blu, MR 44, Soul Kryziz (Produced By D-Roof)


Proph the Problem – Forever Improving

Track Listing:
01. G Spot Speaks
02. Lemme Say Something Right Quick
03. Midwest Fressshhh (Produced By: Zup)
04. Forever Improving
05. On To The Next One
06. They Say feat. Klassik & Slick Watts (Produced By: Zup)
07. Best SHE Ever Had feat. Cha-Cha
08. 100 Bars (Produced By: Lay-Z P)
09. Cleveland Girls
10. Cold Chillin feat. MR 44
11. Feeling It feat. Smoke Screen

12. Hurt Me (Produced By: D. Roof)
13. G-Spot Midtro

14. Warriors Theme (Produced By: The Kickdrums)
15. We Go Hard (Pause) feat. Drastic & Soul Kryziz

16. Ski Mask (Produced By: B Bishop)
17. Different Clothe feat. Paulie Rhyme & Drastic
18. I Want Those 2 feat. Colin Munroe
19. Searching For An Outlet feat. Young Chris, Wale & Bun B
20. Love/Hate (Produced By: DJ G-Spot)
21. No Doubt About It (GGGB Intro)
22. Good Girls Gone BAD (Produced By: Johnny Mixxxx)
23. Do It Anyway
24. How Can I Live feat. A-One Authentic & King Dom
25. You + Me feat. D. Roof, Navy Blu, MR 44, Soul Kryziz (Produced By: D. Roof)
26. O State Of Mind feat. GTC, Da Kreek, Reese, B Wills & Cuntry
27. G-Spot Outro
28. *Proph’s Bowtie
29. The Shoutro
Proph the Problem – The Proph LP: Welcome Back To Hip Hop
**Download Currently Unavailable
Release Date:
DJ Synthphany, Yessur, Zup, Lay-Z P, Rami, J Dilla, Garbs Infinite, Coach, Kinetic

Proph the Problem – Let Me Do Me (Produced By Yessurr)

Proph the Problem – It Is What It Is (Produced By Zup)

Proph the Problem – It’s A Go (Produced By Lay-Z P)

Track Listing:
01. Intro (Produced By DJ Synthphany)
02. Let Me Do Me (Produced By Yessurr)
03. It Is What It Is (Produced By Zup)
04. Oh No! (Produced By Yessurr)
05. It’s A Go (Produced By Lay-Z P)
06. H.E.R. Name was Hip Hop (Produced By Rami)
07. Like Mother Like Son (Produced By: Lay-Z P)
08. Only One (Produced By: J Dilla)
09. Find The Way (Produced By: Yessurr)
10. Halfway To Go (Produced By: Garbs Infinite)
11. Make Up Your Mind (Produced By: Coach)
12. Hear Me Out (Produced By: Kinetic)
13. Outro (Produced By: DJ Synthphany)