Mega Ran – RNDM

Years ago, a man named Random did a series of projects and an album by the name of Mega Ran. The increased success of those projects (kick starting a career of licensing video game samples and rapping about them) has created the alter ego of Random known as Mega Ran.  Now Mega Ran drops the album entitled RNDM (see what he did there?) to return his career to discuss a few personal matters and balance off the soundscape he creates with his music.  Yes there are still many references eluding to video games, as expected; but it’s nice to see such a polished project by Mega Ran touching base on a variety of other topics. Extremely well rounded, the second track (sure to get stuck in your head) embraces a fantastic vibe with the song Infinite Lives feat D&D Sluggers & produced by Marcus Banks.  Mega Ran takes you on a journey through the start of his career and various trials and tribulations with ex girlfriends, friends, and road blocks along the way as an inspiring poet, his former career as a teacher and much more!  If you aren’t sold on the album yet let us aid you a bit more on other reasons you should get this….  It features artists like D&D Sluggers, Doc Awk, RoQy TyRaiD, Richie Branson, Storyville, Open Mike Eagle, Elle Winston, Kool Keith, Wordburglar, Joell Ortiz & Murs. On the production side you can hear beats, cuts and instrumentation from the likes of Michiru Yamane, Marcus Banks, Lazerbeak (Doomtree), PR Beats, Tunesmith, K-Murdock (of Panacea), AF the Naysayer, DJ Moniklz, Lost Perception, Al Maccio, AKT Aktion, DJ Big Serg, Fresh Kils, Dony5ive, Shelshoc, RND1, Random Beatz, Alex Minor, & DJ Dn3. Nuff Said!?  FATALITY!!!!!!! MEGA RAN WINS!!!!!!! In other words, GO GET THAT ALBUM!

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