Big Bang Theory – Adversity

Big Bang Theory is a true blend of modern sounds. Vocalist Jacob “Ref” Rockwell has been a part of the Prhymal Rage team since it’s infancy and start. Always looking for that key element of a live band, he met up with drummer Danny Dope who introduced him to the rest of the band. That’s where the BIG BANG first started. Danny Dope had won the regional Guitar Center Drum Off at the age of 17 and has not stopped there. Ref then alongside the two other band mates Greg David on bass and Sean Mulhall on lead guitar offer a sound unequaled by most. The Rock and Roll drums blend with deep, jazzy, and almost addictive bass lines, melodic lead guitars with an Alternative Rock feel that multi-genre music fans come to appreciate. Then enters Ref with his expansive talent for lyrics. Starting out as a Hip Hop artist, Ref merges his love for old Rock, Easy Listening, Soft Rock and Alternative records with a slight twist of conscious lyricism comparable to artists such as Flobots, Critical Bill, or even Atmosphere during the moments of deep entangling rhymes and chants. Now disbanded, Big Bang Theory (BBT) still deserves a spot on the Prhymal Rage catalog!

Big Bang Theory
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Album: Big Bang Theory – Adversity
Release Date: 08-28-09
Track listing:
01 Intro
02 Adversity
03 March Forth
04 August 22nd
05 So Steady
06 Lose Yourself
07 Take Off (Get Hooked)
08 Sleep Landing
09 Squeeze Must DIE
10 Little Bad Mama
11 Letter from the Sun
12 Emotional Pro
13 Tree Ave
14 Outro