Arewhy – Warlock Chronicles

You like that CLASSIC Hip-Hop sound? You like Marvel Comics too!? It’s time you meet Arewhy!  He and his team  have produced for a large number of artists you probably already have listened to, and he probably designed their logos or album covers as well! This here is the 2nd solo project from Arewhy of Brother Hood 603 (Celestial Beings) and yes, The Brotherhood is a Marvel Villain team as well! As part of the Warlock Series titled “Warlock Chronicles” featuring Genesis, LXG, Sunblaze, Lost Soul, Thanos, Cheena Black & Sir Piffington and more… This is a FREE mixtape that was composed as an album with all original production!  If the Wu-Tang clan is in your music collection, and you like Marvel Comics, those are the only 2 reasons you need, to have this album and others by Arewhy in your arsenal!