New Site! The Rebirth of Prhymal Rage

A Much needed overhaul has been in the works!  Prhymal Rage started in 2005 and the crew grew massively throughout the years and became a local staple to the Cleveland Music scene.  As everyone got older, artistic directions shifted into new affiliations, members started families or careers, some of us even moved away leaving much of the roster looking inactive when infact, it was quite the opposite! It was just hard to keep tabs on everyone due to the huge size of the roster and harder to centralize it all here!  We always promised Organic Hip Hop to those who supported us and coached us into many award nominations, tours with larger artists, bringing established artists into town for events, album releases and all that!  The times are changing, people are not “buying” music like they used to. Streaming music and video has become popular, artists are making money off of metrics instead of album sales. So we had to change with the times as well! Welcome to the Rebirth!


Let’s state the cool features first, SOCIAL MEDIA SHARE BUTTONS! We want nothing more than to make it easier for you to tell your friends about us or an artist we make a post about! Tag Words to popular content! a SEARCH BAR! yes, no longer endless scrolling searching for something, SEARCH FOR IT!

Prhymal Rage is no longer just a “Crew”, it’s a website, a digital medium to promote ANY artist we seem fit! We will periodically find artists to feature for you to hear!

The entire back catalog will eventually be available and released slowly in a series of weeks in which we will pay homage to the various members involved over the years!  These artist will be added to the OFFICIAL ARTISTS Section over time! How cool is that!?

We will run much like a label, without being a label exactly. Instead of signing artists, we will Co-sign projects and singles by artists. This gives us the ability to become a Standard. Simply put, if you see the Prhymal Rage name attached to it, don’t expect bad music!

SET THE BAR section will be coming soon! We will hand select artists that we feel have SET THE BAR high for other artists to achieve. If anything this is your opportunity to familiarize yourself with some amazing artists to add to your music playlists!

Our E-Mail blast is better than ever! We will set aims to send out regular e-mail blasts about new music, and reward those who sign up by getting exclusive music or early releases to new music!

Welcome to the new site, welcome to the Rebirth of Prhymal Rage!

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