Big O – Hunger, Success, Downfall

Big O, Most likely the ONLY producer out of Cleveland that when asked for a beat cd to listen to, hands an artist a folder off a flash drive with 700 or so unused beats for sale!  He has produced for many local artists, both in and outside of Prhymal Rage and has also worked with many other artists who have established themselves in the music industry but that’s not what this e-mail blast is about so let’s let Big O promote this the way he intends to!

“Peace everyone. Wanted to share my new sounds with you. This is my new project and EP consisting of 9 joints 100% written/composed/arranged & produced by Big O called “Hunger Success Downfall”. All I ask is for your support in either streaming it or downloading it and passing the word along about the talent. I thank yall in advance.”

PR_site_icons_mediaBig O “Hunger Success Downfall” EP Link:

big o - hunger downfall success

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