Big O – Off With Their Heads EP

It should never be a surprise that you catch wind of a new album by Big O coming out!  This guys work ethic makes some artists drown in iniquity!  Once again all the songs are produced by Big O and once again the music is better and better!  Big O shows off a bit this time around that he is getting more comfortable with harmony and vocal melody and he pulls it off well!  Start to finish this album is a must have for anyone who supports Big O!

Big O – Off With Their Heads EP
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Release Date:
Big O
Track Listing:01. Off With Their Heads Intro (produced by Big O)
02. Thru The Flesh (produced by Big O)
03. Narrators of the Emcee Eulogies ft Starkks (produced by Big O)
04. Gotta Give (produced by Big O)
05. The Alternative (produced by Big O)
06. Take Your Pick (produced by Big O)
07. Highest Caliber Spitterlude (produced by Big O)
08. Advance and Prosper (produced by Big O)
09. Feeling Like a Champ (produced by Big O)
10. Direct Broadcast Transmission (produced by Big O)
11. Paint a Pic (Produced by Big O)