Smoke Screen – Imagination Beyond Illustration

Sophomore album by Smoke Screen members Chemist and Mooke which garnered them a lot of national and international press!

Smoke Screen – Imagination Beyond Illustration
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Release Date:05/14/10
Producers:Z.Quiz, Ace, Phenom, Rembrandt, Reasor Beats, D Roof, Ill Advice, Holy, Zup
Features:Fam Famous, D-Roof, Soul Kryziz, Ahp Qwes, Keyel, Zup
Track Listing:01. SUPERxMEGAxSONIC (Produced By: Z.Quiz)
02. Rookie Card (Produced By: Ace)
03. I’m With Whatever (w/ Fam Famous) (Produced By: Phenom)
04. Fuse Your Imagination (Produced By: Phenom)
05. If You Feel Like I Do (Produced By: Rembrandt)
06. International (Produced By: Reasor Beats)
07. Sex On The Beach (Produced By: Z.Quiz)
08. Respect The Freshness (Remix) (w/ D.Roof & Soul Kryziz) (Produced By: D.Roof)
09. Melodies Of A Silhouette (Produced By: Phenom)
10. Could Have Been (w/ Ahp Qwes) (Produced By: Ill Advice)
11. Front To Back (w/ Keyel) (Produced By: Holy)
12. Blacklights & Flashlights (Produced By: Ace)
13. When The Sun Goes Down (w/ Zup) (Produced By: Zup)
14. Aquarius Vs. Capricorn (Produced By: Phenom)