D-Roof – Ingredients of Ignorance

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D-Roof put together this amazing themed album called Ingredients of Ignorance.  Every track on this album is something that is used in the wrong way can lead to ignorance. The concept alone if genius!  Oh and it bangs on production too!!

D-Roof – Ingredients of Ignorance
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Release Date:05/18/08
D. Roof, Garbs Infinite, D-Bunk
K-Life, Charlie Hor$e, Sharnell Scott, D-Bunk, Infinit
Track Listing:01. The Definition Interlude
02. The Attention (Produced By: D. Roof)
03. The Text Books (Produced By: Garbs Infinite)
04. The Love (Produced By: Garbs Infinite)
05. The Material Minded (Produced By: D. Roof)
06. The Dope ft. K-Life, Charlie Hor$e (Produced By: D. Roof)
07. The Imprisonment (Produced By: D. Roof)
08. The Unconceivable Goals (Produced By: D. Roof)
09. The Sleeping (Produced By: D. Roof)
10. The Media (Produced By: D. Roof)
11. The Faith (Produced By: D-Bunk)
12. The Denial Nobody Knows ft. Sharnell Scott (Produced By: D. Roof)
13. The Consistent Slaving (Produced By: D. Roof)
14. BONUS TRACK – The Corner Store Skit
15. BONUS TRACK – The Food (Produced By:Garbs Infinite)
16. BONUS TRACK – The Day Dreaming ft. D-Bunk, Infinit (Produced By: D-Bunk)