Recognize Ali – God’s Vision LP

If you are new to Recognize Ali, we are sorry!  We missed the official releas of this album but it’s not to late to show it some love!  God’s Vision has some killer production by Karnate, Eyeree Beats, Bronze Nazareth, UglyFace, Alberto, JB the War Villain, D. Mar, RoB D, Kurse, Farma Beats, DJ Clif and some hardcore features by artists like SageInfinite, Crimeapple, Born Unique, UG, Daniel Son Eto, Vic Spencer, C-Rayz Walz, King Magnetic, Spit Gemz, G.S. Advance, Eff Yoo, Aye Wun, Da Fly Hooligan and cuts by DJ Tmb (this guy is EVERYWHERE) as well as Tone Spliff.  If you like hardcore Hip-Hop – this guy is for you!

side note – his new album is on the way!
The Outlawed” drops in 2 weeks and can be pre-orders here!