Political Animals – EGObese

Political Animals, based out of New Haven Connecticut easily have some of the coolest, innovative promotion ideas on this debut project to rival artists like Mega Ran!  The mentioned album, EGObese is a new word they created (cuz Hip Hop does that!) and it makes perfect sense!  Emulating the old NES cartridge Altered Beast with their album cover, their promotional video is genius as well! (Watch it HERE) Let’s not stop there though, the album itself is amazing too!  It’s not very often we hear a Hip Hop BAND and when we do many get lost in the blend of genres without creating a sound of their own!  MC / frontman Sotorios Fedeli is no stranger to the elements of hip hop or the culture and his rhymes and content are valid proof of that!  Together with Jen Harper (Bass), Trenton Wright (Drums), DJ Neb (Turntables) and tons of energy, the Political Animals are a force not to be ignored!  The album can be found on their bandcamp page and it’s worth every penny they are selling it for!

Download Political Animals – EGObese HERE!