Agallah Faro – Emcee Murders ft Sean Price & Ike Eyes

Agallah Faro has been around for a long time as not only a seasoned emcee, but as a producer for artists like Guru, EPMD, Onyx, Big Pun, Busta Rhymes and many more.  He’s recently launched his new album The Legend of the Water Dragon (click here for itunes link) and is also pushing this single in the meantime.  Emcee Murders nods to the true emcees of the culture as an ode to growing up within an era they came from and respectively have became staples of their crafts. This hot new track features the likes of Ike Eyes and the late Sean Price.  Enjoy!

legendofthewaterdragon downloadfile-19

PR_site_icons_mediaAgallah Faro – Emcee Murders ft Sean Price & Ike Eyes