Doc Remedy – Straight Outta The 80’s

At it again with his own twist on things!  Marking the 5th installment of the 2015 goal #6Albums1Year, considered by some as an anti-hero of Hip-Hop, Doc Remedy drops a short EP called Straight Outta The 80’s.   The opening track is a homage to a few older NES games and cartoons an 80’s baby can recall growing up on and sets the tone for why the styles are often considered “Old School”.  Doc teams up with long time friend Klive Kraven of GoldMinded Records and upcoming producer CyrusTheVyrus on the project just before leaving us with a nice ending production piece produced by Doc Remedy himself.  Make sure to not just stream the album, but to download it, as the BONUS TRACK included gives a glimpse of what to expect from the #Punchlines album set to drop later this year!

PR_site_icons_mediaDoc Remedy – Straight outta The 80’s