Mr. Scratch Hook – The Book of Mr Scratch Hook

Mr. Scratch Hook aka DJ E.Rex. was born and raised in Southside Queens. His love for music started in the late ’70s, the day he heard “Rappers Delight” on the radio. Rap was a new concept for many, but he soon realized he had a knack for the art. With almost 40 Years of Experience in the Arts of DJing, Beat Making, and Vibe Curation, Mr. Scratch Hook returns with a collection of some of his best work from over the past 7 years. His latest LP, THE BOOK OF MR. SCRATCH HOOK, boasts such fantastic features as King Magnetic, Mic Mountain, Chris Rivers, John Jigg$, Sadat X, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Mikey D, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, M.O.U.F., CrDnlSn, Lega-C, Joesph Blackwell, I.N.C., Sacx One, godhead The General, Janet Muzic, One Sun, Danny Phantom, Ray Santana, Dj JS-1, DJ Heron. The Emcees all shine, but it’s really DJ E.REX who provides the perfect audio backdrops for them to perform on, and displays his superb scratching abilities on every record of the new album. This record is for anyone who still believes the DJ is the “LIfe of the Party”, and the Most Vital element in Hip Hop. If that sounds like you, Mr. Scratch Hook is definitely a DJ that will earn his way into your best-of-the-best list. He doesn’t brag or boast, He rather let his music and his hands do the talking for him.

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